The NOW Corporation is a publicly held company OTC Symbol “NWPN” and is focused on the production of Cannabidiol(CBD)from hemp for medicinal uses through its ownership of  Green Fields Hydroponics (a Colorado Corporation. GFM owns 5 acres of farmland in Colorado on which hemp will be grown inside hydroponic facilities and commercialized using innovative technology and systems for the production of CBD oils. The finished products will be designed to meet all State and Federal laws so as allow for their sale throughout the US.  Eventually NOW intends to expand its product lines into the other array of industrial uses for hemp.

Business Model is a Colorado Corporation organized to farm, produce, develop, and com-mercialize industrial and recreational hemp, using new, innovative technology and systems. The Company was initially capitalized in its formation with the addition of 5 acres of farmland in Colorado contributed by one of its founding members. Of the many products derived from the marijuana crop, the Company has elected to produce CBD oil by extracting Cannabi-diol (CBD) from the plants. Cannabidiols are chemicals that are unique to the hemp plant and have been shown to safely affect receptors in the central nervous system when consumed. Some of the current medicinal uses of CBD’s include: cancer, heart disease, as an anti-inflammatory, dermatological diseases, degenerative diseas-es (like Alzheimer’s and atherosclerosis), high cholesterol, and as an anti-oxidant, among many others (Medical News Today, 2014).

This strategic business decision also allows for immediate legal production and distribution to nearly all states in the US as it contains little to no psychoactive ingredients that create barriers for commercialization.(GFH) Hemp oil will have a high concentration of the CBD’s with low THC levels of less than .3%, thereby meeting all State and Federal requirements in this area so as to be able to legally sell our products throughout the United States.

The Company’s primary business will therefore be to farm and harvest on our Company-owned land beginning in 2015 with an initial focus on the extraction of cannabidiol oil from industrial hemp plants grown inside hydroponics facilities built on the farmland in Colorado. GFH will imple-ment its business plan by profitably utilizing new and existing forms of agricultural innovation to produce industrial and recreational hemp.

Industrial hemp has an estimated more than 50,000 known uses and has more often than not been hailed as a miracle crop for economic prosperity by virtue of its robust composition and versatility in products ranging from consumer textiles and paper products to foods, bio fuel, and medicine.

The Company plans to initially focus on the medicinal uses of industrial hemp but may expand into other product areas as we take our Cannabidiol (CBD) product to market. GFH will sell to the manufacturing and wholesale segments of the industrial hemp supply chain; producing CBD oils and selling them directly to hemp derivative product makers and retailers








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