Management has received notice from SP Power Farm Group about two old news releases, one dated December 17th 2013 and one dated May 5th 2014, that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others apparently have and continue to display the two news releases. SP Power has expressed concerns that prospective investors in their business may, on seeing the above-referenced news releases, get confused on the current involvement of The Now Corporation.  Our previous updated web-site stated that the SP Power Farm wind project had been ended and that The Now Corporation had moved on but our company did have discussions with other intereste parties in the development of wind projects and with established wind farms using other technology than that of SP Power.

Our current web site also does not include reference to the ended SP Power Wind project agreement of December 2013. NOW’s business focus is on a potential hydroponics project in Colorado.

To reconfirm please be advised that our company has no current involement or interest in anything to do with SP Power Farm Group and any past agreements between the parties have been null and void for some time where SP Farms failed to complete a working model or prototype of the wind unit.

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